We welcomed our speaker, Gabriella Taylor, who was joined by her mother, Cary and her father, Mayor Jonathan Taylor.



Our speaker, Gabriella Taylor was joined by her mother, Cary and her father, Mayor Jonathan Taylor.

Jessica Blondell is the alternate from ARC.

Jolene Steele joined us from her Rotary club in Seneca Falls.

It was nice to have Charlie Hallagan and Maurie Strobridge join us from Parkwood Heights in Macedon.



Marge Gile has volunteered to be our new Wellness reporter.

Dave Doebler reported that his father is returning home following surgery at RGH.  He is doing well.



Mayor Taylor announced that the village is applying for a Main Street grant.  Businesses on Main Street will present their projects for approval.

Three more Premier sponsors were added this week, bringing us up to 20 sponsors for a total of $5,000.  Thanks to the presenters Donna Johnson and Mitch Ruffalo.

President Melissa reminded us of the picnic sign ups on each table.  Save the date - August 22 from 1-5 at the Hicks-Hideway on Gurnee Road.

Next Thursday instead of our usual lunch meeting we will have a trivia night at the “First Glass”.  Melissa is providing the snacks - the drinks are on you.

Mitch Ruffalo was pleased to see our former members Greg and Barb Viola who are visiting Gerry and Beth Palmer, summering at Sodus Point. 



I was born and grew up in Ohio, an hour east of Cleveland, which accounts for my following the Browns(Bills first of course).  I graduated with an Elementary Education degree from Bowling Green State University.  I attempted a few years of teaching and couldn’t find and kids I liked!

One day my dentist asked me to fill in as a dental assistant for a SHORT time - you know the rest of the story. Fred and I have a blended family of 6 kids and 10 grandchildren. 

My passion is music.  I love to sing but at this stage of the game I most enjoy listening to our kids and grandkids perform.  I am TRYING to return to practicing my guitar.







Dave Tyler’s birthday was Thursday.

Melissa and Andy will be celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary on July 28th.



Adam O. has returned from a vacation in Cape May, NJ.  Their new puppy has a broken leg but seems to be happy and felling no pain.

Thanks for inviting me to “jam”.  I should be ready in about 5 years!

MaryJo Fenyn is happy to have her daughter visit and see her new home at Parkwood Heights.

Steve Taylor has inherited his mother’s Condo in Florida.  Now he has ANOTHER toilet to repair!

Dave Tyler was happy to announce his retirement as of Friday - nice Birthday present!



Linda Werts introduced Gabriella to speak about her recent honor of being crowned Wayne County Dairy Princess.

Gabriella is going into her Senior year at Newark High School where she is active in Girls Soccer, track, musicals and National Honor Society.  Outside of school she is active in 4-H, the Holstein Association and works at El-Vi Farms.

She is planning a career in Communications with a focus on Agriculture.

Gabriella said that as a little girl she always dreamed of wearing the pretty tiara of the Dairy Princess.  But that goal took a more serious turn when she was 8 as she cared for her Holstein calf “Philly”.  Philly weighing 2000 lbs. was known as the gentle giant.  As she learned to work and care for animals she wanted to educate other students

I loved her description of Farmers.  They provide HARD EARNED products.  Their work NEVER ends.  It is an exhausting but rewarding career. 

Gabriella’s mantra is “If not me-Who?”  “If not now - When?”

She thinks about what she can do to change the world of Agriculture.  Her qualifications for Dairy Princess are 10- years in the program, living on a farm and showing dairy cows.  She is presently the calf feeder at El-Vi Farms where there are 4 to 10 calves born daily.  Gabriella’s personality, passion, knowledge and drive make hers a career to follow.



The August 5th speaker is Sara Visingard - District Membership Committee Chair and daughter of Sue Colocino.

Greeter - Eli Coleman

Cashier - Sue Colacino